The BEST Times To Post on Social Media 2020

What time should I post on social media? The question of the century.

I have asked myself this almost daily for years and until recently I was mostly just posting when I made the post or taking a very uneducated guess... Since the creation of the Business Builder Program, I have been able to come up with a strategy that allows me to more effectivily preplan content but also stay engaged in the moment. It also takes a ton of stress out of the whole process!

As always, it started out with research. What are the best times to post on each platform during the week? Upon review of many different blogs and websites we have simplified the data and created a short-list for our Top 5 which include Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube. I have included a printout copy below:

The Best Times to Post on Social Media 2
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Keep in mind these are the average global engagement times for the listed platforms. This will still work for any industry but if you want to get really specific with it we suggest you check out the amazing blog put together by Sprout Social. They have included their data for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn broken down into categories. So great!

If you don't already have a social media structure in place, operating all of these platforms probably sounds like a-lot of work and it certainly can be if you don't have the proper tools and procedures in place. So I am going to share a simplified version of our new process to give you a leg up.

First, graphic design and pre-planning your posts:

My favourite tool to use for not only graphic design but social media management is:

Using the paid version opens a whole world of possibilities as well as the social media content planner. When you login to the left hand side - click the content planner. You are now able to design AND preplan social media posts on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Instagram! It includes templates for easy designing and an endless supply of stock photo's and videos. I don't know what I would do without this amazing tool! The free version is also pretty awesome so you can get comfortable trying it out before you fully commit.

Next, the process:

The full breakdown is included in our Business Builder Program, however to simplify, we start with a blog post which we pin to our Pinterest boards.

We can then breakdown the blog posts into smaller portions to use on Facebook and Instagram.

Next we further breakdown these posts into thoughts for Twitter.

If you are able to make a YouTube video about your blog topic you can now breakdown that video and use it on Facebook and Instagram alongside the information. On these platforms the click rates on videos are currently much higher. Realistically you can get one weeks worth of content out of one really well written blog post.



YES, you can use the same content in different structures on different platforms however you want to keep in mind how each platform performs.

Instagram is very visual so a good tip is to create a visually appealing graphic and put the info below it.

Your Pinterest graphic should include what the pin is about for quick viewing.

And if you can include a video in your Facebook/IG post your are GOLDEN!

What to post on social media is a WHOOOOOLE separate blog post so make sure you subscribe to our list and/or our social media to get updates on when that will be available :D

DISCLAIMER: Your exact BEST times will depend on your region and your following that's why we HIGHLY suggest taking some time to setup a social media engagement test. This will not only test when your followers are the most active but you can gauge what type of content they enjoy seeing the most. We fill you in on how to do this in our Business Builder Program.

Click the link below for more information:

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