7 Tasks YOU MUST Include in Your Successful Morning Routine

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Have you ever heard the phrase "Eating The Frog"?

It is the concept that you take on the hardest task of the day first. This however will be extremely difficult if you do not ensure your body and mind are taken care of.

You should be getting a healthy 7-8 hours of sleep per night so you can imagine your body is pretty depleted by the time you wake up.

The most efficient way to set your mind and body on the right track is to carry out a consistent morning routine that includes these 7 tasks:

Task #1


We do not believe that everybody is supposed wake up at the same time. The time you wake up is very dependant on your body type, work schedule, family schedule, and many other factors. However that time should be consistent. This will help your body, mind, and metabolism get used to a routine. Use the link below to calculate those times:

Task #2


Drinking water as soon as you wake up not only rehydrates the body, drinking water on an empty stomach will cleanse the intestine and strengthen the digestive system as it can help prevent constipation. Leave a glass of water by your bed before you go to sleep so it's available when you first wake up. Getting up to get a glass of water will allow for distractions. You want to try and meditate before you get out of bed or look at your devices.

Task #3


Before you get out of bed or look at your social media take some time to enjoy the act of meditation. Meditation has been proven to increase the endocrine systems function which helps fight infection and secrete hormones. Those hormones give directions to other cells on how to function. So positively setting up your cells first thing in the morning will allow you to stay youthful, energetic, as well as mentally and physically alert. If you would like more information check out the link below.

If you are new to meditation we HIGHLY recommend trying out the app Headspace which will teach you the in's and out's of meditation no matter what level you are at.

Task #4


Fuelling the body with healthy, nutritious foods will increase your energy and allow you to think clearly. Enjoy breakfast alone or take this time to sit down with the family and have positive conversations regarding your goals for the day etc. If you plan on doing an intense workout after you may want to stick with something light but we only recommend fasted workouts if you are a seasoned pro. You will need the energy to perform at your best!

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Task #5


Working out in the morning has many benefits. Your energy will be increased and your mind will be crisp. If you want to feel like your best self right out of the gate, ensure that you workout to some extent before you begin your day. Finish off your workout with a protein heavy post workout snack to give your muscles the fuel they need to grow.

Task #6


Picking up a non-fiction book first thing in the morning will separate you from 95% of the population. It doesn't matter where you squeeze it in just make sure you get it done before you start your day. Click the link below for a great reading list:

Task #7


Gratitude is the language of the universe. It is also extremely hard to have a negative perspective when you are focusing on all of the things you have to be grateful for. Keep a separate notebook just to express your gratitude. Write at least 10 per day.

You will need to add more tasks to the list depending on your situation but we highly recommend including all of the 7 described above.

Taking the time to put yourself first is imperative to your long term success as a business owner. It will help you keep a calm, level head which will be required to make sound decisions for your business and your family. A positive mindset will set the stage for a positive day no matter what comes across your path.

Make sure your morning routine is posted somewhere you can see it and make it NON-NEGOTIABLE!

Your Daily To Do list is best done the night before so after you take care of this routine you should be ready to "Eat The Frog" and take on the most mountainous tasks on your list with grace and ease.

Download and print the Morning Routine template below

Morning Routine Printable
Download PDF • 651KB

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