4 Healthy Diets You Can Start TODAY!

Eating a well balance diet is not only important in maintaining the proper energy required not only to meet your fitness goal but to run your business efficiently. states that 80% of premature heart disease and stroke cases could have been prevented through life choices and habits, such as eating a healthy, well balanced diet.

You can also:





With so many diets and much advise available, where do you start?

If you have access to a specialist in the field of nutrition we HIGHLY SUGGEST having a personalized meal plan created for yourself to ensure optimal success. However if that is not a possibility we have included 4 Healthy Diets you can start RIGHT AWAY!

  1. MEDITERRANEAN DIET - with its focus on foods that people used to eat in Italy and Greece during the 1960's like fruits, vegetables, oils, fish, and other healthy fair it is extremely sensible and easy to adapt to. Health Line provides an incredible guide to this healthy sustainable diet:

  2. FLEXITARIAN DIET - this diets main focus is fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and plant based substitutions with meat and other animal by-products being allowed in moderation. If you have been thinking about becoming a vegetarian this is a good middle step. Check out Health Line's guide:

  3. VEGETARIAN DIET - this diet has become increasing popular in North America. To become a vegetarian you must abstain from eating meat, fish, and poultry. There are 6 types of vegetarianism. Health Line has described them all in their article:

  4. NORDIC DIET - this diet focuses on foods found in the nordic regions such as Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, and Iceland. Compared to a western diet it contains less sugar and fat but twice the fibre and seafood. If you want a full breakdown head once again to Health Line:

Keeping your body and mind sharp during your entrepreneurial journey is imperative to not only avoid the dreaded "burn out" but to ensure you can make calm, level-headed decisions whenever required, no matter the circumstances.

It can sometimes be hard to take on a big life change if you don't have a solid support system behind you. If this is something that your family cannot provide, you will need to look elsewhere to get the support you will need to successfully change your habit and


FIERCE Fire has created a new network to offer you that support if you should require it. We believe you can do it and we have no problems telling you so!!

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