FIERCE Fire Digital Design is composed of freelance contractors that take on projects under the FIERCE Fire name. They are however all owners of their own businesses and experts in their own fields. These contractors have been hand-selected not only due to their amazing skills but their warm & friendly approach with clients. If you would like to request a particular FIERE Fire Expert please note it in your communications with us.


Toi et Moi Photography

"Photography allows me to live in colour by celebrating life, beauty and love around me; to meet amazing people; to capture the moment in time; to create that little piece of history that you can hold in your hands and share with others"


"I am obsessed with giving my clients the best possible product I can.

I make sure to capture the emotion, the story, behind the camera. It does not matter how simple or unassuming an event may be, there is always a story to be told in my perspective"


Julie Vincent Photography

"I am an experienced and dedicated professional with more than 30 years' photography experience as a generalist, and more than 12 years specifically in real estate and architectural photography.

As the longest-established real estate photography practice in Calgary and area, my images highlight the beauty of homes, commercial structures, and heritage buildings"


"Bold, authentic, professional, and fierce. I am founder of FIERCE Fire and the driving force behind the creative consulting branch of our company. I will ensure you feel empowered and supported as a client and as an entrepreneur. I will also ensure every product you receive is everything you asked for and then some!"